All Day Breakfast

Bacon & Egg Roll

Double bacon & egg roll with onions and smoky BBQ sauce.
$  10.90

Veggie Breakkie Roll

Runny egg, house tomato relish, baby spinach and halloumi.
$  8.50

Smashed Avo

Smashed avocado on sourdough topped with crumbled Persian fetta and dukkah.
$  9.90

Salmon Wrap

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, rocket, hash brown and cream cheese on a pita wrap.
$  16.90

Chilli Eggs

Chilli scrambled eggs on sourdough with crumbled fetta & sliced avocado.
$  17.90

"The Worx" Brekkie Roll

Two fried eggs, rashers of bacon, cheese, hash brown, crunchy onion rings with BBQ sauce and served on a brioche roll.
$  16.90

Breakfast Burrito

Stuffed tortilla wrap filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms and baked beans oven baked then topped with guacamole and tomato bruschetta.
$  16.90

Super Acai

Acai super berry pulp on the base covered with home made granola, chia seeds, shredded coconut and fresh seasonal fruit. Add: Protein or Peanut Butter $1.50
$  18.90

"Gone Bananas" Pancakes

(Made Fresh to Order) Stacked pancakes served with home made butterscotch sauce, caramelised bananas, finished with vanilla ice cream.
$  14.90

Bacon & Eggs Your Way

Two eggs fried, scrambled or poached, served with two rashers of bacon and toasted sourdough bread.
$  14.90

Pump It Up Protein Plate

100gr marinated chicken breast, smoked salmon, baby spinach, 2 eggs your way, avocado and toasted pita bread.
$  24.90

Medi Avo Stack

Smashed avocado on sourdough topped with crumbled fetta, cherry tomatoes, rocket, poached egg and za’atar.
$  18.50

The Zeus Of Breakfast

Poached eggs, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, crumbled fetta, house made tzatziki (cucumber yogurt), avocado, halloumi, eggplant and hash brown served with pita bread.
$  24.90

Champions XXL

Choose from fried, poached or scrambled eggs. Bacon rashers, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, baby spinach, crispy hash brown, baked beans, halloumi, chipolata sausages and avocado. Served with toasted sourdough bread.
$  24.90

LVC Signature Omelettes (All with sourdough)

Aussie Omelette

Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Onion
$  16.90

Mediterranean Omelette

Pumpkin, Spinach, Fetta, Chorizo
$  16.90

Italian Omelette

Salami, Eggplant, Sun Dried tomatoes, Napolitana Sauce
$  16.90


Your Choice of 3 fillings
$  16.90

Extras (for Breakfast)

Baby Spinach

$  2.50

Baked Beans

$  3.00


$  3.50

Hash Brown

$  2.50


$  3.50


$  3.00


$  5.00


$  3.50


$  2.50

Starters & Salads

Prawn & Avocado

Grilled prawns, diced tomato, avocado, Spanish onion, cucumber, mesculin lettuce in a lemon herb vinaigrette.
$  17.90

Cheese & Bacon Loaded Fries

Fries with mozzarella and smoky BBQ sauce.
$  10.90

Sweet Potato Fries

Fries with sweet chilli mayonnaise.
$  8.90

Roast Pumpkin & Beetroot Salad

Roasted pumpkin, balsamic beetroot, fetta and roasted pine nuts tossed with fresh spinach leaves and dressed with a pomegranate and oil dressing. Add Chicken: $3.00
$  15.90

Lasagna, Burgers & Meat

Homemade Traditional Lasagna

Lasagna served with chips.
$  18.90

LVC Gourmet Steak Sandwich

Tender scotch fillet, crispy bacon, tomatoes, beetroot, caramelised onions, cheese, fresh rocket leaves finished with homemade tomato relish sauce, on a toasted herb focaccia bun. Served with chips. Add Fried Egg $2.50
$  18.90

Old School

Classic house patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce. Served with chips.
$  16.90

The Boss

Beast style burger with all the trimmings, grilled premium beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, crispy onion rings, pineapple, beetroot, double cheese, hash brown and BBQ sauce. Served with herb chips. Add Bacon: $4.00 Add Hash Brown or Egg: $2.50ea
$  18.50

Southern Comfort

Fried chicken covered southern spices, slaw, pickled and topped with sriracha mayonnaise. Served with chips. Made in house. Add American Cheese: $1.00
$  16.50

"The Schnitz" Burger

Herb crusted chicken schnitzel, lettuce, bacon, tomato relish, cheese and a pesto mayonnaise on a warm brioche bun. Served with sweet potato chips.
$  16.50

Halloumi Burger

Grilled halloumi, rocket leaves, tomato relish, grilled eggplant with pesto mayonnaise on a warm brioche bun. Served with sweet potato chips.
$  16.90

Grilled Chicken Box

Grilled chicken served on a bed of fries, side of garden salad and mushroom sauce. Add avocado $2.50 or prawns $5.50
$  17.90

Schnitzel Box

Crumbed chicken served on a bed of fries, side of garden salad and mushroom sauce. Add avocado $2.50 or prawns $5.50
$  17.90

Steak Away

220gr tender scotch fillet cooked to your liking, served with a olive oil, garlic and lemon marinade. Served with chips and salad. Add mushroom sauce $3.00 or prawns $5.50
$  18.50
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